Expand your world. Meet new people.

A brief history of Happenstance

We created happenstance because we wanted to meet new interesting people, with no other purpose than sharing thoughts, ideas, and life experience. We had that burning desire to expand our world, and to discover the lives and adventures of other people we don’t know yet. Although internet is pretty great for finding jobs, dates, and old friends, there is no service that would allow us to meet some random people, who are obviously cool and curious just like you (and us).

With Happenstance, we want to allow everyone to meet someone new and different, but yet kind of similar. Maybe a teacher from Japan, or a student in Europe, or a traveler in Asia, or a journalist from Africa, or a gardener, or a dentist, or an archeologist, or a professional gamer, or...well you get it.

The possibilities are endless, and we cannot wait to meet all of you. Welcome :)

how it works

Fill in the form

It won't take more than 2 minutes + there's a free bonus at the end of it!

Get introduced by email

Once a month, we introduce you to a cool person from anywhere in the world

Fire up the conversation

Time to hand you the steering wheel and to let you start the discussion



Why do I need this?

Because meeting interesting people is so enriching. And you never know what may happen.


How much does it cost?

It costs our hard labor but $0 for you guys.


What are the matching criteria?

Our algorithm connects people based on certain basic criteria in order to trigger conversations in more interesting ways. Background diversity, but also similar interests is what we're looking for.


What happens after the matching?

After you've been matched to somebody, you will receive an e-mail with the other person in copy. From this point on, we just disappear and let you discuss with your new pal.


What is the communication language?

It's universally accepted that English is the international language. Therefore, all the emails will start in English. Up to you to switch to another one if you want to.


Who are we?

We are two extremely curious people from Paris with very different backgrounds. A french guy with an economics background, and a Moroccan girl with an engineering degree.

What they say about us

"Connecting to people outside the Empire or the First Order has always been difficult. Thanks to Happenstance I met some great guys from far away galaxies. Talking about meditation and other way to control the force has been eye-opening"
- A Stormtrooper-

"I love Happenstance! It's almost as entertaining as an evening with The Mask!"
- Tina Carlyle -

"Teleportation is great, but it's still hard to meet new interesting people who don't want to destroy the universe. Happenstance solved this problem. I met a guy who taught me some crazy s*** with his light saber"
- Sangoku -

It's free! Let's give it a try

Still hesitating? Try a pros/cons list and you'll see that pros are crushing it! Not a single reason not to try this. It's free, it will connect you to another awesome Human Being, and it's gonna take you only 2 minutes of your time. There's one more thing. To discover it you have to fill the form first and click on the last button at the end of the form (under mister happy).

About us

Sarah Marga

Child of the internet, passionate about technology, science, and human beings.

Yoann Lopez

Multipotentialite, curious about everything. In love with rockets.